Hi, I’m Hannah. Here’s a list, lists are in right now.

Academics: I’m a recent graduate of the University of Missouri. I have a bachelor of journalism with emphases in strategic communications & copywriting. I also have a minor in film.

Goals: To find work in my field, capture the attention of the nation with the heady power of the written word, write a cheesy horror screenplay and own one or possibly several dogs.

Breath-Holding Record: 1 minute, 23 seconds

Things of Which I am Fond: movie theaters, rainy weather, Alice Munro, board games, kettle corn

Things of Which I am Less Than Fond: fireworks and coffee, I KNOW, so un-American

Number of Times I’ve Used the Word “Fond” So Far: It’s up to 3 now. Get it together, dude, seriously.

Wait, You Really Don’t Like Coffee? I don’t have a vendetta. I’m not going to walk up and smack your cup out of your hand. I just don’t like it.

How About Tea? I love tea. Peppermint, Sleepytime, Gingerbread. Gimme that tea.

What’s Gingerbread Tea? Sounds Gross: Okay, you know what, can we discontinue the beverage talk? People are going to stop reading these.

C’mon, They Already Stopped: Oh. So I’m just down here blabbering about Gingerbread tea to no one? Like an idiot?

Pretty Much: Great. Killin’ it.

Twitter: @goodcopbedenkop | LinkedIn: hmbedenkop

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