Week Four

In which I try to break a yawning habit, almost manage a company Twitter and ride the subway for 20 minutes straight.

I used to be a nail biter. I don’t mind telling people about this, because I’m actually quite proud that I was able to break the habit. It’s an unsanitary, sometimes painful, one, and I’m glad to be rid of it. But now I have a new problem. I’m cool as a cucumber, and I pride myself on being so. But in order to maintain my chill persona, my nerves must manifest someway, somehow, or I will, presumably, shut down completely. So this week I was informed by my boss that I have two potentially career-damaging nervous tics: yawning and checking my watch. Both of those things are generally harmless on their own, but if you’re, say, face to face with a client and you keep yawning and checking your watch – well, you get the picture. The yawning had to go. And it’s not like I yawn because I’m tired – I have yet to get less than 7 hours of sleep in a night – I just get nervous or anxious and my brain goes “you should yawn so it looks like you’re doing something,” and though it’s illogical, I think “nice one, brain, you’re on fire today” and so I do. Not good. How long have I been doing this? Is it really noticeable? Have people been seeing it but not telling me out of fear that they’ll be rubbing salt in my sleep-deprived wound? Makes you wonder what else people are afraid to tell you. On a less existential note, it makes me wonder what form my nervous tic will take next. Hopefully it’s not pen chewing, because that is just gross.

Apart from the yawning problem – which will hopefully be helped by the “STOP YAWNING” sign I’ve hung in my cubicle – work this week went very well. My Twitter ad-making duties leveled off, but my Twitter monitoring duties are picking up, as are my internal duties. Much of this week was spent working on the social media rollout of a company report – the FH Digital Trends Analysis, if you want to look it up – picking out key takeaways from the results and making visuals to illustrate the points. I was originally going to man the company Twitter for the day but my boss, bless him, was having so much fun doing it that I just concentrated on creating the content and let him send it out. My internship continues to be a moderately fulfilling, all things considered, and definitely useful experience.

Now this weekend, I had every intention of going to Waterloo. The reenactment for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo was going on and I had ABBA on the mind and I was ready to go. Luckily Mary and I thought to do some Googling about the reenactment before Saturday rolled around and, upon Googling, discovered that the reenactment was completely sold out and if we had taken a train up to Waterloo we would have had to take a train right back. So, instead of riding the train all day, we stayed in Brussels and rode the subway to the Atomium. A little background for you: the Atomium was built for the 1958 Brussels World Fair and it’s supposed to be a model of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times and it is very, very shiny. Now that you’re all caught up, I can tell you that the Atomium is fun for about 6 minutes and then you grow tired of looking at it. So after those novel 6 minutes, which were a blast, we ventured off into Osseghem Park and stumbled across a South American cultural festival, which was musical and bright and smelled delicious. In a way, it made me sort of homesick for the Americas, not home specifically, but just the western hemisphere. There was a good turnout, a great view of the park from the festival grounds, some traditional dancing from some kids, half of whom looked like they were really into it and half who wore the grudging expressions of someone who was doing this for mom (speaking of moms, moms are super important and it’s time for my weekly Mom Shoutout™: hi momma! You’re one of my favorite people in the world 🙂 Dad you are too, I’ll let you in on this Mom Shoutout™). Anyway, the festival was a lot of fun to come across and I think it was held in honor of the Peruvian delegation so Mary and I continued the tradition of accidentally matching up our sightseeing with special events. Let’s see if we can keep that going.

Things I saw:

Jurassic World (with Dutch & French subtitles) – fun in the moment but you leave feeling empty | ★★★

The Atomium

Osseghem Park

The Kinepolis Brussels, considered the first megaplex cinema in the world (not where I saw Jurassic World)

The Peruvian delegation’s South American cultural festival

Things I tried:

Crac-a-nuts – if peanuts and corn nuts had a delicious baby | ★★★★★

Saucisse – sort of like bratwurst | ★★★


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