Digital Campaigns

Pave the Way

This campaign was created as part of a class taken through the Missouri study abroad program in Brussels. It was done as a group project, intended to raise awareness about the dire state of the sidewalks in Brussels and the struggles faced by people with limited mobility trying to navigate the city. I created visual tweets that could be promoted within the campaign.

Design by Brendan Wray.


While I worked as a digital communications intern at FleishmanHillard in Brussels, I created a number of Twitter advertisements and visuals for internal projects and assisted with the coordination of the campaign surrounding the release of the 2015 Digital Trends Survey and the promotion of FH’s Energy Union Roadmap. Design work was done by FH’s in-house designer.

Digital Trends – #MEPDigital

Energy Roadmap – #EnergyUnion

FleishmanHillard – clients

During my internship, I also created multiple paid advertisements for a number of clients designed to run as promotions on Twitter. Design work was done by FH’s in-house designer.




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