Spec Campaigns

Milk Duds – “Clear Your Schedule”

This campaign claims that eating Milk Duds is such a leisurely, long-lasting experience, the bustle of life fades away while you chew. Dates? Times? Obligations? They are no more. Only Milk Duds remain.

Antler – “Unpack Adventure”

This campaign shows that, with just one good piece of Antler luggage, you can reach any sort of destination and have any number of incredible experiences. It all fits. Collaboration with designer Mitch Renfrew.

Retro TV – “Nostalgia Calls”

This campaign advertises programs of old by advertising products from the programs in a striking retro style. The visual callback to the good old days affects an older audience, and the humorous product descriptions intrigue a younger one. Collaboration with designer Mitch Renfrew.

Dewalt – “Make Sure”

This campaign dramatizes what can go wrong when you don’t have a Dewalt tape measure in your back pocket. So you better have a Dewalt tape measure in your back pocket.

Tide Pods – “Too Easy”

This campaign equates the impossible simplicity of using Tide Pods with answering trivia questions that are, similarly, impossibly easy. Don’t overthink it.

Syfy Network – “Nothing Like It”

This campaign highlights the uniqueness of the network and the endlessly entertaining and seemingly randomized projects they come up with. Shark + Tornado = Sharknado. Brilliant.


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